St. Magnus CathedralSt Magnus Cathedral - Britain’s most northerly Cathedral.

St Magnus Cathedral known as the 'Light in the North' was founded in 1137 by the Viking, Earl Rognvald, in honour of his uncle St Magnus.  The Cathedral belongs to the people of Orkney and its doors are open to all.  The Cathedral, set in the heart of Kirkwall, the capital city of the Orkney Islands, is a place of stillness, of inspiration, of warmth, and is steeped in the presence of God.  We invite you to explore this website which contains information about many aspects of the Cathedral's life.

The congregation of St Magnus Cathedral is very conscious of its place in a long continuum of worship in this ancient, holy building.  Worship is what draws people to the Cathedral.  Our worship is open to anyone who might wish to participate.

St Magnus CathedralThe Society of the Friends of St. Magnus Cathedral is a dedicated group of people who contribute to the life of the Cathedral through fund raising to support the maintenance and development of the building.  The Society also seeks to promote increased awareness and knowledge of the Cathedral to the general public.  By joining the Friends you are supporting the Cathedral and helping to secure this magnificent building for future generations. 

St. Magnus Centre is not just a church hall - it is a meeting place, a visitor centre, an arts venue and a place for quiet contemplation.  Building on the facilities offered by the 19th century St Magnus Hall, The St Magnus Centre has meeting rooms, a Projector Room where the film "The Saga of St Magnus" is shown and a large hall which can serve as a great venue for events such as receptions, dances, socials  etc..  Visit this site to see what The St Magnus Centre can offer you or your organisation.

Kirkwall St Magnus Cathedral (Church of Scotland) Registered Charity SC005322